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Bonsai Small Business Services provides Office Management, Office Support, Marketing and Web Services for Small Businesses in Chester County and Delaware County Pennsylvania. Diane Rogers, Owner of BSBS, has over 20 years experience in all phases of Office Administration and over 10 years marketing and web experience.

out-source [out-sawrs, -sohrs]out-sourced, out-sourc-ing:Verb (used with object)

1. (of a company or organization) to purchase (goods) or subcontract (services) from an outside supplier or source.

2. to contract out (jobs, services, etc.): a small business that outsources bookkeeping to an accounting firm.

At Bonsai Small Business Services, we understand that small businesses and new companies may have smaller budgets or may not have a need for a full time employee. We offer affordable, outsourced office support or management for your company. Do you need a bookkeeper for 3 hours per week? Would you like to create a Facebook page and learn how to enter the social media marketing game? Or do you simply need help with all of that filing? We can help, on-site or remotely. Call 610-308-8948 for a free consultation and to see how Bonsai Small Business Services can help you.

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